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5 Things I wish I’d Known Before I started Building

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There are so many things I wished I would have known when I started to build. That is why I wanted to have this website- to capture some of that content and share it since it seemed there was such a need and interest in the building process.

5 things I wish I would have thought about before building:

  1. A New Build is not A Custom Home. Unless you are working with an architect to design each wall you are not building a custom home. Although you can make some changes and modifications, you can’t redesign everything. For example, I wanted to open the foyer and have it be 2-stories this was harder than you’d think. Also, I wanted to make this plan a 3-car garage, but in doing that you change the steps and make an awkward long hallway.
  2. You will go over budget. Period. There are too many unknowns and all though our builder did a great job at predicting how much the total cost would be there were things that are out of everyone’s control (and some things that you just want because– you are building a house that you have dreamed about for maybe ever).
  3. It is fun but it is stressful. Honestly speaking it is one of the most stressful situations my husband and I have ever been in. Add the stress of building and picking ever detail, to the amount of money you are spending, and temporary living situations and you are one stressed out mama.
  4. Furniture is House Specific. When I was building a friend told me to save some money for new furniture because I would want new stuff. I didn’t totally listen. She was right. Things that I had in my old house do not go as well in this house. It’s a different style with different spaces and my style has drastically changed since I bought my last house. Not to mention you will need new stuff. For example: You are already out of money but you need new curtains because your windows are taller and curtains are one of those things you actually need. Well, unless you don’t mind having zero privacy.
  5. Once you decide on things stop looking. Styles and designs change so rapidly now. Some of the things I picked when I was at the design stage I wouldn’t do now. With Instagram and Pinterest showing you so many options it is impossible not to fall in love with more than one color cabinet, or light fixture. So pick it and forget it.

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